December 19 - Jill Watterson

In the late 80’s, long before my son was born, I was making Christmas light bingo cards with my first graders. It’s pretty easy. You collect old Christmas cards, cut out your favorite six holiday images, and glue them on a grid drawn on a piece of paper. Then you go driving to see who can find their six first.

Fast forward to the winter of 2001. It had become Devan’s and my tradition to play Christmas card bingo on Christmas Eve. However, I was distracted and stressed…single parenting, along with everything else, had left me frazzled and blue. I was told I had to make a bingo card, too, as there were no siblings. This was a sore point for me more than my son…being raised as an only child, I had been bound and determined to have a quiver full, but it wasn’t to be. So we got to work and soon our cards were full of bells and reindeer, snowmen and wise men. Then, bundled up and in the car, we went hunting for our chosen symbols. 

Devan was marking off my card as well as his own so I could drive hands-free. My card was filled first. Undaunted, we kept driving and searching. Soon there was only one image left—a dove, which Devan had insisted on including on his grid. I had never in my life seen a dove in lights or as Christmas yard art. However, to please my one precious child, we continued to search, driving around for another twenty minutes. 

Mindful of all I had yet to do in preparation for family gatherings, I grew impatient. “One more block, Mom,” Devan insisted. As we turned the corner in a neighborhood far from our own it appeared. “Mom, there it is!” A DOVE was projected onto the blank screen of a garage door. I had never even seen a projected image of any kind before this…and it truly was a dove, filling up the garage door in all its glory. Devan’s card was filled and so was my heart…with peace. We called it our little Christmas miracle. God had proven Himself once again…doing above and beyond all I could ask or imagine. So, this year, maybe cut up some Christmas cards, go for a drive and play Christmas light bingo. You may find just what you need—a little dose of hope, joy, or peace.