December 8 - Jeni Fischer

I have a neighbor who is reclusive. In the twelve years I’ve lived on this block, I’ve seen her only once. The doors are always closed and the blinds are drawn on every window. The one time I saw her she was at the door, greeting the Meals on Wheels volunteer that stops by weekly. Another neighbor mows her lawn and I don’t know if she owns a car. I can only imagine what the inside of her home looks like.

It’s possible that my neighbor has an active life, keeps herself well-groomed and fit, and is current on news both local and global. But somehow I doubt it. Even if she is not a hoarder, I envision dusty outdated furnishings and a musty, stale odor about the place. Each of her days pretty much like all the rest.

 Our Christian walk can sometimes become stale, especially when our spiritual practices and routines become, well, routine. We need the freshness of the Holy Spirit to revitalize our thoughts and perspectives. God’s Word sheds light on our old “self” and exposes our shabby attitudes.

Like pulling back the drapes to let in the sunshine, when we take a few minutes to still our minds, focus our hearts, and open our spiritual ears, we crack the crustiness of our life on this broken, sin-filled planet to allow God to speak and to work. The sun shines in to illuminate, bring warmth, and to allow a glimpse of what is beyond. To continue in the dusty dimness within—seeing the same interior day after day—would soon skew our perception of reality and insulate us from the bigger picture. 

During these shortened days of winter, as our daylight dwindles, we need to be intentional about spending time in the sun. So, too, we need to be purposeful about allowing God the time and space to work in us and bring His light. Spending time with God, especially on a regular basis, is creating a space for heaven to invade earth.