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What is the Internship?

The Internship is a program designed to holistically equip people for life and leadership in the Kingdom of God. We do this equipping through community life, classroom study, ministry engagement, and mentoring.


Scripture is clear from beginning to end that God’s work in the world happens among a community of people. The Internship purposefully immerses interns into an intensive community experience where they will learn and practice the virtues of life in Christian community.   


While there is much to learn as disciples of Christ, there is much more to become. Becoming is the process by which what we learn takes root deep within us and shapes us into particular kinds of people, people who act and live differently because of what we’ve learned. To this end, the classroom portion of the Internship seeks to form rather than just inform; to aid interns in the process of becoming the faithful disciples Jesus has called them to be.

The program year will include four core classes (two per semester) which meet twice weekly and several other supplemental classes meeting once each week. Each class will have its own academic requirements.


Much “becoming” happens by doing. The internship places interns in various roles of service and leadership, giving them opportunities to practice skills and hone giftings with which they can serve the church however God calls them to do so.

Possible ministry roles include youth, children’s, men’s and women’s ministries, worship, By the Hand after school tutoring, Children’s Hunger Fund Food Pak ministry, etc.


In line with Paul’s vision for discipleship, the Internship allows interns to follow and be followed as they follow Christ. Each intern will be connected with an older, more mature believer with whom they will meet weekly to pray and receive counsel and encouragement, as well as with a younger believer for whom they can provide the same.



The Internship lasts eight months and closely resembles two school semesters. Interns are immersed into the life of the church in such a way that at the end of the program they will find themselves better prepared to lead the church in living in the difference Jesus has made. 

Semester 1: September 12 - December 15, 2017

Semester 2: January 16 - April 27, 2018


8:00am - 3:00pm

Prayer, class, ministry prep



Church service


8:00am - 3:00pm

Prayer, class, ministry prep



8:00am - 3:00pm

Prayer, class, ministry prep



Ministry posting(s)    |    Regular mentoring meetings    |    Lifelink Conference (March 2018)

 Weekly Time Commitment: 30 Hours


Program cost

$100 one-time registration fee

+ $150 per month x 8 months

= $1,300 total cost

Covers cost of class materials and lunch each classroom day


To apply

Write a 2-4 page, double spaced essay outlining your faith journey to this point. Use this story to frame your desire for participating in the Internship.

Along with your essay, download and fill out this questionnaire. Send your completed essay and questionnaire to Alli Barker: alli@livingwordchurch.cc