The real life of the church is expressed through authentic, caring relationships.  Consequently, meeting in small groups is a vital part of sharing life together - which is why we call them "LifeSHAREgroups.  In this context, each person can know and be known by others in secure relationships, and contribute their gifts to serve others.  While the large gathering on Sunday mornings is a great time for the whole family, small group meetings are important for application of what we learn.  We see small group fellowship as the primary avenue for care and community in the church.  Additionally, small groups help us practically in the commission to reach outward with God's love.

Context for Care

We want to develop a church of small groups, where the primary vehicle for pastoral care is through life giving small group relationships.  Ongoing equipping and support for the small group leaders is an essential ingredient to long-term success.

Create Community

As the church grows, we want integration between the “veterans” and the “newcomers”.  This requires an ongoing commitment to developing community through investing in fresh relationships.

Carrying out our Commission

We believe that each small group should be participating in a shared mission or ministry beyond itself as a small outworking of the great commission that we have.  This commission is key to the longevity and continued growth of groups.  The group is not an end in itself; instead they are fruit-bearing instruments serving the whole purpose of the church.

LifeSHARE groups meet every other week.  If you want to know more about the groups in general, please e-mail and we can help you connect to the right group.


lifeshare groups through may 2017

TJ and Jamie Grossi meets (2nd & 4th Tuesday) at 7pm at their home in Lansing

Cam and Megan Harvey /Dave and Becky Barker meets (2nd & 4th Tuesday) at 7 pm at the home of Dave & Becky in South Holland

Doug and Michele Hescott meets (1st and 3rd Thursday) at 7pm  at their home in Lansing

Bill and Joyce Prince-Prayer group meets (1st and 3rd Saturday) at 9am at Ruth McGuire’s home in Lansing

Bob & Donna Harvey -New Comers Bible Study meets (Every other Saturday) at 6pm at their home in Lansing

Other small groups

  • Women's Bible Study at LWC (currently being held at Panera Bread in South Holland)- Meeting at 7pm on Wednesdays (weekly, except for the last Wednesday of the month). Led by Karen Tyler
  • The Light House- Young Adults (ages 18-28) meeting at 7pm every other Thursday in the home of Josh and Mikey in South Holland.  
  •  Men's Bible Study- details coming soon